Sylvia Rorem's feisty but passionate and thoughtful blog. Especially check out her musings on Shaw Brothers stars and movies, whether she likes them or not!

Bullets Over Chinatown
King Who's blog proudly covers his love for naughty and obscure Hong Kong cinema as well as for his tape- and vcd collection.

A very active French site, especially in terms of interviews. A concept that has now expanded into video. Also contains a sizeable database over Hong Kong films and profiles.

Excellent and handy searchable DVD review database. Covers all regions.

Far East Films
Formerly known as Dragon's Den UK, their marvelous re-launch has resulted in a wonderfully looking new site and an expanded team of reviewers. Basically, you get your fine views and news there.

HK Cinemagic
Database based out of France and features fine interviews with the known and obscure.

Hong Kong Cinema - View From The Brooklyn Bridge
Featuring a massive review archive, in depth looks at landmark movies, Bollywood and much more.

Hong Kong Digital
Critic John Charles gladly spends time with the schlock and the Shaw's but also the unknown efforts out of Hong Kong cinema. Currently not updated but we hope John will return soon.

Hong Kong Movie Database
Now, THIS is essential!

Hong Kong Movie Posters
High quality scans of movie posters from then till now in blog format.

Hong Kong Subtitles
How dare you mess up here

The Illuminated Lantern
This site scores high points for the articles readily available via each reviews, relating to themes and content in Hong Kong movies such as Taoism and triads. For those of you who want to look beyond the film...

Kung Fu Cinema
With more focus on old school martial arts and it's also a great learning ground for newbies much like myself. The forum has some very well informed and passionate fans also.

And yes webmaster Kozo loves Hong Kong film, resulting in some very witty but highly knowledgeable reviews on his behalf. Other Asian cinema is highlighted to a lesser degree and the features section has been proven handy for me as a reviewer.
An English version of the German site Schnittberichte (Censorship Reports) has now opened, featuring superb comparisons that highlights censor cuts or the difference between versions in general.

Raro VHS
Rare VHS covers in blog form. Even in Spanish, a fascinating view.

The Return Of The Ninjas
Creator of Weird Asia (sadly not online anymore) still updates his fabulous review site of Ninja movies. Among other things, covers American, Asian and Godfrey Ho's ninjas!

Striking name reveals a page dedicated mainly to the horror genre but has some absolutely terrific reviews of Category III movies, by genuine fans of it.

Shelf Life Clothing
The finest in Asian- and movie related t-shirts, Brian Kirby keeps us nerds well clothed with his Category III and Destroy All Mobsters t-shirts!
Probably some of the nuttiest and most profane reviews of Asian movies you'll ever read but it's one of the most entertaining visits to any page out there.

Online shopping - The Universal Currency Converter
Also very handy.

DDD House
With good prices and prompt delivery DDDHouse has always been one of the best shops online for Hong Kong dvd's.

With good prices and titles out of stock elsewhere at times, this is a good place to turn to.

The other sponsor of So Good..., the prolific Yesasia has a terrific selection of titles from both Hong Kong, Korea and Japan.