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1/3 Lover
2 Become 1
2 Young
20 30 40
21 Red List
3 Days Of A Blind Girl
3D Sex And Zen: Extreme Ecstasy
33D Invader, The
7 Days In Paris

La Brassiere
Lady In Black
Lady In Heat
Lang Zi Yu Wu Nu
Lan Kwai Fong Swingers
Lan Yu
Last Hurrah For Chivalry
Laughing Gor - Turning Point
Law With Two Phases
Leave Me Alone
Leaving Me Loving You
Lethal Ninja
Life Of Ninja, A
Little Cheung
Little Woman
Log, The
Long Arm Of The Law
Longest Nite, The
Longest Summer, The
Lost And Found
Lost In Time
Lost Souls
Love Among The Triad
Love Au Zen
Love Battlefield
Love Birds
Love Correction
Love In A Fallen City
Love Is Love (2004)
Love Is Not A Game, But A Joke
Love On The Rocks
Love Story
Love To Kill
Love Trilogy
Lunatics, The
Lunch With Charles
Lust Of The Scholar Tang
Ab-Normal Beauty
Accident, The
Adventurers, The
Affrighted Romance
After This Our Exile - Director's Cut - Original Full Version
Ah Fai The Dumb
Alan & Eric Between Hello & Goodbye
All About Ah Long
All Of A Sudden
Always On My Mind
Amazing Stories
American Commando 3: Savage Temptation
American Force: The Brave Platoon
American Force 2: The Untouchable Glory
American Grandson
Angel Heart
Angels With Golden Guns
Anna & Anna
Anna Magdalena
Another Piece Of Romance
Arrest The Restless
Au Revoir, Mon Amour
Autumn's Tale, An
Mad Detective
Magic Boy
Magic Of Spell
Magic Warriors
Maids Of Passion
Majestic Thunderbolt
Mars Men
Mary From Beijing
Masked Prosecutor, The
Master Of The Flying Guillotine
Master Q 2001 - Guest reviewer: Andrew Saroch
Matching Escort
Men Behind The Sun
Men From The Gutter
Men Suddenly In Black
Mercenaries From Hong Kong
Metade Fumaca
Midnight Fly
Mighty Baby
Mission, The
Mission Thunderbolt
Mistress, The
Miraculous Flower
Mob Story, A
Moment Of Romance, A
Mongkok Story
Moonlight Express
Moonlight In Tokyo
Mortuary Blues
Moss, The
Mr. Cinema
My Better Half
My Mother Is A Belly Dancer
My Name Ain't Suzie
My Name Is Fame
My School Mate, The Barbarian
My Wife's Lover
Bachelor's Swan Song, The
Bakery Amour
Bastard, The
Battle For The Treasure
Beast Cops
Beast Stalker
Be Careful Sweetheart
Bed Companions
Beijing Rocks
Beloved Son Of God, The
Below The Lion Rock: Director Allen Fong Series
Below The Lion Rock: Director Ann Hui Series
Besieged City
Better Tomorrow III, A - Review of the longer Taiwan Edit.
Beyond Hypothermia
Beyond Our Ken
Big Boss, The
Big Bullet
Big Heat, The
Bionic Ninja
Bio Zombie
Black Mask
Black Night
Bless This House
Blind Swordsman's Revenge, The
Blood Rules, The
Boat People
Bodyguard A New Beginning
Body Is Willing, The
Book Of Heores, A
Breaking News
Breakout From Oppression
Breeze Of July
Bride With White Hair, The
Bride With White Hair 2, The
Brother Of Darkness
Brothers From The Walled City
Bullet & Brain
Bullets Over Summer
Naked Ambition
Naked Killer
Naked Rose
Naraka 19
Never Ending Summer
Never Too Late To Repent
New Blood
New Miracle Fighters
Night & Fog
Nightmares In Precinct 7
Night Orchid
Ninja: American Warrior
Ninja 8: Warriors Of Fire
Ninja Avengers
Ninja Champion
Ninja Commandments
Ninja Condors 13
Ninja Dragon
Ninja Hunter
Ninja In Action
Ninja In Ancient China
Ninja In The Killing Field
Ninja Killer
Ninja Knight - Thunder Fox
Ninja Operation: Knight And Warrior
Ninja Operation 5: Godfather The Master
Ninja Phantom Heros USA
Ninja Project Daredevils
Ninja Squad, The
Ninja Terminator
Ninja The Final Duel
Ninja The Protector
Nude Fear
Calamity Of Snakes
Cat, The
Center Stage
Centipede Horror
C'est La Vie, Mon Cheri
Challenge Of The Lady Ninja, The
Challenge The Ninja
Chatter Street Killer
Child Of Peach, The
China Girls
Chinese Erotic Ghost Story
Chinese Midnight Express
Chinese Midnight Express 2
Chinese Torture Chamber Story II, A
Chivalric Tornado
City Of Glass
City Without Baseball
Clash Of The Ninjas
Clean My Name, Mr Coroner!
Colour Of The Loyalty
Colour Of The Truth
Commando Fury
Complicated Raping Case, The
Comrades, Almost A Love Story
Confession Of A Concubine
Conman 1999, The
Coolie Killer
Cop Of The Town
Cop On A Mission
Country Of Beauties, The
Crazy N' The City
Crime Story
Curse Of Lola
Occupant, The
Odd One Dies, The
Official Exterminator - Kill For Love
Official Exterminator 2 - Heaven's Hell
Official Exterminator 4 - Goddess Mission
Off Track
One Last Dance
One Nite In Mongkok
One Of The Lucky Ones
One Way Only
On The Edge
On The Run
On The Society File Of Shanghai
Operation Pink Squad II
Ordinary Heroes
Organized Crime & Triad Bureau
Other Side Of Dolls, The

Danger Has Two Faces
Dating Death
Daughter Of Darkness
Daughter Of Darkness II
Deadly Angels, The
Deadly Darling
Deadly Silver Angels
Death Code Ninja
Detective, The
Devil, The
Devil Angel
Devil Face, Angel Heart
Devil Returns
Devil Touch
Dial D For Demons
Diamond Ninja Force
Diary Of A Big Man, The
Dignified Killers, The
Dog Bite Dog
Don't Call Me Gigolo
Don't Tell My Partner
Double Tap
Dragon Against Vampire
Dragon Ball: The Magic Begins
Dragon Fight
Dragon In Jail
Dream Lovers
Drink Drank Drunk
Dr. Lamb
Drunken Master II - Special review of the uncut VCD version.
Drunken Monkey
Dry Wood, Fierce Fire

Pale Sky
Papa, Can You Hear Me Sing
Papa Loves You
Paramount Motel
Part-Time Lady
Peace Hotel
Pearl Of Oriental, The
Peeping, The
Peking Opera Blues
Phantom Lover, The
Picking Up Girls
Pink Force Warriors
Pink Thief
Playboy Cops
Police Story III - Supercop
Portland Street Blues
Possessed (2002)
Postmodern Life Of My Aunt, The
Powerful Four
Profile In Anger
Profiles Of Pleasure
Public Toilet
Pye-Dog, The
Ebola Syndrome
Eighteen Springs
Eight Taels Of Gold
Election 2
Embrace Your Shadow
Emergency Police Lady
Emotional Girl
Emperor In Lust
Equals Against Devils
Erotic Ghost Story - Perfect Match
Erotic Journey
Escape From Brothel
Escape To High Risks
Eternal Combat, An
Everlasting Regret
Evil Cat
Eye, The
Eye 2, The
Eye In The Sky
Expect The Unexpected Expensive Tastes
Queen Of Kowloon
Quenchless Desire
False Lady
Fantasy Mission Force
Farewell China
Fascination Amour
Fatal Love (1988)
Fatal Love (1993)
Fatal Passion
Fatal Rose
Fearless Fighters
Fearless Match
Feel It... Say It...
Fifteen Candles
Fighter's Blues, A
Fighter The Winner, The
Finale In Blood
Final Judgement, The
Final Justice (1997)
First 7th Night, The
First Time Is The Last Time, The
Fishy Story, A
Fist Of Fury
Flame Of Desire
Floating Landscape, The
Forbidden Legend Sex & Chopsticks, The
Forbidden Legend Sex & Chopsticks II, The
Forbidden Love
Forever And Ever
From The Queen To The Chief Executive
Frugal Game
Fruit Is Ripe 3, The
Fruit Is Swelling, The
Fruit Punch
Full Alert
Fu Bo
Full Moon In New York
Full Throttle
Fulltime Killer
Fury In Red
Rainbow Force
Rape After, The
Red & Black
Red Dust
Red Rose White Rose
Red Shield
Red Spell Spells Red
Red To Kill
Reincarnation Of Golden Lotus, The
Replacement Suspect, The
Return Engagement
Returning, The
"Revenge" A Love Story
Revenge Of The Vampire
Rice Rhapsody
Righting Wrongs
Rings Untouchable
Robo Vampire
Royal Warriors
Rule #1
Run And Kill
Runaway Pistol, The
Running On Empty
Running On Karma
Running Out Of Time
Running Out Of Time 2
Run Papa Run
Gambler's Story, A
Gates Of Hell
Ghost Hill, The
Gigolo, The
Gimme Gimme
Girls Unbutton
Girls Without Tomorrow (1988)
Girl With The Long Hair
Give Them A Chance
Glass Tears
Goddess Of 1967, The
Goddess Of Mercy
God Of Cookery
Golden Chicken
Golden Chicken 2
Golden Girls, The
Golden Lotus "Love And Desire", The
Golden Ninja Warrior
Golden Queen's Commando
Gong Tau An Oriental Black Magic
Goodbye Mammie
Good Times, Bed Times
Great Escape From Women's Prison, The
Great Wall, A
Group, The
Gun & Rose
Sad Story Of Saigon, The
Satyr Monks
Saviour, The
Scorpion Thunderbolt
Sealed With A Kiss
Sea Root
Secret Signs
Sentenced To Hang
Set To Kill
Set Up
Sex And The Emperor
Sex And Zen
Sex Flower
Sex For Sale
Sexy And Dangerous
Sexy Lady Driver, The
Shadow Killers Tiger Force
Shanghai Fever
Shaolin Invincibles, The
Shark Busters
Sharp Guns
Shoe Fairy, The
Siao Yu
Sichuan Concubines, The
Silver Dragon Ninja
Six Strong Guys
Slave Of The Sword
Slim Till Dead
Slow Fade
Song Of The Exile
Son On The Run
Spacked Out
Spike Drink Gang
Spiritual Love
Spy Inferno, The
Story Of Lady Sue, The
Story Of Tong Queen, The
Story Of Woo Viet, The
Stuntwoman, The
Sudden Love, A
Sunshine Cops
Super Ninja, The
Super Riders V3, The
Superriders Against The Devils
Suspect, The
Swordsmen In Double Flag Town
Happenings, The
Happy Family
Haunted Cop Shop, The
Haunted Karaoke
Haunted Office
Healing Hearts
Heart Beat
Heat Team
Heaven Dragon Earth Tiger
He Lives By Night
Hello Dracula
Hello Dracula 2
Herbal Tea
Her Judgement Day
Heroic Fight, A
Hero Never Dies, A
Heroes Shed No Tears
Hidden Track
Hitman The Cobra
Hocus Pocus
Hold You Tight
Hollywood Hong Kong
Home At Hong Kong
Home In My Heart
Home Of A Villain
Home Sweet Home
Honey Bee
Hong Kong 1941
Hong Kong Bronx
Hong Kong Butcher
Hong Kong Gigolo
Hong Kong Hong Kong
Hooked On You
Horror Hotline...Big Head Monster
Hot Desire
House Of The Lute
Hunting List

Tactical Unit - The Code
Take Me
Taking Manhattan
Task Force
Temptation Of A Monk
Tempation Summary
Tempation Summary II
Tempting Heart
Terminal Angels
Those Were The Days (1995)
Three... Extremes: Dumplings
Three: Going Home - Director's Cut
Three-Head Monster
Three Summers
Throw Down
Thundering Ninja, The
Thunder Of Gigantic Serpent
Till Death Do Us Part
Time 4 Hope
Time You Need A Friend, The
To Catch A Thief vs Ninja Thunderbolt
Tonight Nobody Goes Home
Too Many Ways To Be No.1
Tough Ninja: The Shadow Warrior
To Where He Belongs
Trivial Matters
True Mob Story, A
True Colours
True Women For Sale
Truth Or Dare: 6th Floor Rear Flat
Turn Left Turn Right
Twelve Fairies, The
Twelve Nights

I Am Sorry
I Corrupt All Cops
I'll Call You
Illegal Immigrant, The
Infernal Affairs
Infernal Affairs II
Inferno Thunderbolt
Inner Senses
Innocent Lust
Interactive Murders
In The Lap Of God
Intimate Confessions of A Chinese Courtesan
Iron Superman
Island Of Greed
Island Tales, The
Itchy Heart
It Had To Be You
I.T. Story
Ultimate Ninja, The
Undeclared War
Underground Banker, The
Underground Wife
Unforgetful Holiday
Unpublicizable File, The
Untold Story, The
Unusual Youth, The

Jaguar Project, The
Jiang Hu - "The Triad Zone"
Juliet In Love
July Rhapsody
Jungle Heat/Last Breath
Just One Look

Vampire Is Alive, The
Vampire Raiders: Ninja Queen
Vampire Who Admires Me, The
Visible Secret
Visible Secret II
Viva Erotica


Kawashima Yoshiko
Key To Fortune
Kickboxer From Hell
Kickboxer King
Kid, The
Kidnap (1974)
Kidnap (2007)
Killing End
King Of Comedy
King Of Masks, The
King Of Prodigal Boxers
King Swindler
Kung Fu Student
Kung Fu Wonder Child

Wait 'Til You're Older
Walk In
Wall, The
Wandering Heroes
War City - Die To Win
War Named Desire, A
Water Margin Heroes' Sex Stories
Way To Success
Way We Are, The
Web Of Deception (1989)
Wedding Days, The
West Lake Moment, A
Whatever Will Be, Will Be
What Is A Good Teacher
When Beckham Met Owen
When I Fall In Love...With Both
Where A Good Man Goes
Whispers And Moans
White Dragon, The
Who Knows About Me
Why Me?
Wicked Wife
Wild At Heart
Wild Cherry
Wild Ones, The
Wild Party, A
Winds Of September
Witch With Flying Head, The
Wolfen Ninja
Wo Hu
Woman & A Man, A
Woman Behind, The
Woman In Lust
Woman Of Wrath, The
Women's Private Parts

Yes, I Can See Dead People
Yesterday You, Yesterday Me
Yesteryou, Yesterme, Yesterday
Yu Pui Tsuen II
You Shoot, I Shoot

Zodiac Killers

Quick-Take Reviews:


01:00 A.M.
02:00 A.M.
7 Grandmasters, The
10 Magnificent Killers
13 Cold-Blooded Eagles, The
13 Worms
14 Amazons, The
18 Bronze Girls Of Shaolin, The
18 Swirling Riders
18 Times
100 Ways To Murder Your Wife
1941 Hong Kong On Fire
2000 A.D.
24 Hrs Ghost Story
The 3-D Army
3 Wishes
36 Crazy Fists, The
36 Deadly Styles, The
36 Shaolin Beads, The
36th Chamber Of Shaolin, The, The
4 Faces Of Eve
5-Pattern Dragon Claws
7 Commandments Of Kung-Fu, The
7-Man Army
8 Masters, The
97' Lan Kwai Fong
97 Aces Go Places

Na Cha And The Seven Devils
Na Cha The Great
Naked Comes The Huntress
Naked Poison
Naked Poison II
Naked Weapon
Narrow Escape, A
Naughty Boys
Naughty Couple
Naval Commandos, The
Never Ending Love Story, The
Never Say Regret
New Fist Of Fury
New Game Of Death, The
New Kids In Town
New Mr. Vampire
New One-Armed Swordsman, The
New Pilgrims To The West
News Attack
New Tenant
New York China Town
Nezha Conquers The Dragon King
Night Caller
Night Life Hero
Night Rider, The
Nine Demons, The
Ninja Death Squad
Ninja, Demon's Massacre
Ninja Destroyer
Ninja: Extreme Weapons
Ninja Fantasy
Ninja Force Of Assassins
Ninja Hunt
Ninja In The Deadly Trap
Ninja In The USA
Ninja Kill
Ninja Of The Magnificence
Ninja Operation: Licensed To Terminate
Ninja Over The Great Wall
Ninja Powerforce
Ninjas & Dragons
Ninja's Force
Ninja Showdown, The
Ninja Strike Force
Ninja Strikes Back
Ninja, The Battalion
Ninja The Violent Sorcerer
Ninja Vs Bruce Lee
Ninja Vs Ninja
Ninja Warriors
Nobles, The
Nobody's Hero
No Compromise
Nocturnal Demon, The
No Guilty
No More Love No More Death
None But The Brave
No One Can Touch Her
No Problem
No Problem 2
No Regret, No Return
No Risk, No Gain
No, Sir
Not One Less
Not Scared To Die
No U-Turn
No Way Back
Now You See Love... Now You Don't

Above The War
Absurd Brave, The
Accidental Spy, The
Aces Go Places
Aces Go Places II
Aces Go Places III - Our Man From Bond Street
Aces Go Places IV
Aces Go Places V - The Terracotta Hit
Adventures Of Shaolin
Affectionately Yours
Against All
Age Of Miracles, The
Ah Ying
Air Disaster
All About Women
All For The Winner
All In The Family
All Men Are Brothers
All Men Are Brothers - Blood Of The Leopard
All The Wrong Clues (For The Right Solution)
All's Well, End's Well 1997
Always Be The Winners
American Commando 2 - Hunting Express
American Commando Ninja
American Force 4 - Soldier Terminators
Among The Stars
Amorous Woman Of Tang Dynasty, A
Amsterdam Connection
Ancient Chinese Whorehouse
Angel II
Angel III
Angel Delight
Angel Enforcers
Angel Hunter
Angel Of The Road
Angel Or Whore
Angel's Mission
Angel's Project
Angel Terminators
Angel Terminators II
Angel With The Iron Fists
Anger Girl
Angry Guest, The
Angry Hero, The
Angry Ranger
Angry River, The
Angry Tiger
Anna And The King
Anonymous Heroes, The
Another Chinese Cop
Arhats In Fury
Armed Policewoman, The
Armour Of God
Armour Of God II - Operation Condor
Asian Connection
Assassin, The (1967)
Assassin, The (1993)
Association, The
Attractive One, The
Autumn Moon
Avengers From Hell
Avenging Eagle, The
Avenging Quartet, The
Avenging Trio
Axing Of The Coffin

Oath Of Death
Ocean Heaven
O.C.T.B Case - The Floating Body
Of Cooks And Kung Fu
Oh! My Cops!
Oh! My Three Guys
Oilmaker's Family
Oily Maniac
Once A Gangster
Once Upon A Mirage
Once Upon A Time A Hero In China
Once Upon A Time In China
Once Upon A Time In China IV
Once Upon A Time In China V
Once Upon A Time In China And America
Once Upon A Time In Triad Society
Once Upon A Time In Triad Society 2
One And A Half
One Armed Boxer, The
One-Armed Swordsman
One Arm Hero
One Arm Swordsmen, The
One Foot Crane
One Husband Too Many
Only Fools Fall In Love
On Parole
On Parole No.2 - Do Unto Others
Operation Pink Squad
Operation Lipstick
Operation Red Sea
Option Zero
Osaka Wrestling Restaurant
Osmanthus Alley
The Other 1/2 & The Other 1/2
Other Half, The
Other Side Of Gentleman, The
Other Side of Romance, The
Other Side Of The Sea, The
Outbound Killing
Outlaw Brothers, The
Outlaw Genes
Out Of The Dark
Outside The Window
Over The Rainbow, Under The Skirt
Owl Vs Bumbo, The

Back Alley Princess
Bamboo House Of Dolls
Banana Club
Banana Cop
Banana Spirit
Bandits From Shantung
Barefoot Kid, The
Bastard Swordsman
Battle In Hell
Battle Of Wits, A
Battle Wizard, The
Beach Of The War Gods
Beasts, The
Beautiful Swordswoman, The
Beauty And The Breast
Beauty And Warrior
Beauty Investigator
Beauty's Evil Roses, The
BB 30
Beginner's Luck
Beheaded 1000, The
Behind The Pink Door
Believe It Or Not
Bells Of Death, The
Best Friend Of The Cops
Best Of Best
Best Of Shaolin Kung Fu, The
Bet On Fire
Beware Of Pickpockets
Bewitched Area Of Thousand Years
Beyond The Copline
Beyond The Sunset
Big Boss Of Shanghai
Big Boss Untouchable
Big Brother
Big Deal, The
Big Score, The
Big Shot's Funeral
Bite Of Love, A
Black Butterfly, The
Black Cat
Black Cat II
Black Dream
Black Eagle's
Black Enforcer, The
Black Magic
Black Magic With Buddha, The
Black Mask 2: City Of Masks
Black Panther
Black Panther Warriors, The
Black Spot
Blade, The
Black Tavern, The
Black Wind Inn
Blade Of Fury
Blazing Temple, The
Blind Boxer
Blonde Fury, The
Blood Brothers
Blood Call
Blood Fight
Blood Money
Blood Of Dragon Peril
Blood Reincarnation, The
Blood Ritual
Blood Stained Tradewinds
Bloody Beast
Bloody Buns
Bloody Fight, A
Bloody Friday
Bloody Hero
Bloody Mary Killer
Bloody Mask
Bloody Money
Bloody Sorcery
Blue And The Black, The
Blue And The Black 2, The
Blue Jean Monster, The
Blue Kite, The
Blue Lightning
Bodyguard, The
Body Lover
Bogus Cops
Bomb-Shell, The
Border Line Story
Born To Be King
Born To Gamble
Boss Noballs
Boss Up There, The
Boxer From Shantung, The
Boxer's Omen, The
Boys Are Easy
Brain-Stealers, The
Brave And The Evil, The
Braveful Police
Bravest Fist
Bravest Revenge, The
Breaking The Silence
Brief Encounter
Brief Encounter In Shinjuku
Broken Arrow
Broken Oath
Broken Sword
Brotherhood (1987)
Bruce And Shaolin Kung Fu
Bruce - King Of Kung Fu
Bruce Lee Against Supermen
Bruce Lee & I
Bruce Lee Fights Back From The Grave
Bruce Lee Superstar
Bruce Lee The Invincible
Bruce Lee - True Story
Bruce Le's Greatest Revenge
Bruce's Deadly Fingers
Bruce's Last Battle
Bruce The Super Hero
Bruce Tuan - 7 Promises
Brutal Boxer, The
Brutal Sorcery
Buddha Assassinator, The
Buddha Palm
Buddha's Lock
Buddha's Palm
Buddhist Fist, The
Buddhist Spell, The
Bullet For Hire
Bullet In The Head
Burning Ambition
Burning Of The Imperial Palace, The
Burning Paradise
Burning Sensation
Burning Snow
Bury Me High
Butterfly & Sword
Butterfly Murders, The
By Hook Or By Crook

Painted Faces
Painted Skin
Pale Passion
Pantyhose Hero
Paris Killers
Parking Service
Passion 1995
Passionate Killing In The Dream
Passionate Nights
Passion Unbounced
Pavilion Of Women
Peacock King
Pedicab Driver
Peeping Tom, The
People's Hero
Perfect Exchange
Perfect Match, The (1983)
Perfect Match (1991)
Perfect Wife?!, The
Phantom Killer, The
Phantom Of Snake
Phantom War
Picture Of A Nymph
Pier, The
Pink Bomb
Pink Force Commando
Plain Jane To The Rescue
Platoon The Warriors
Play Catch
Plot, The
Point The Finger Of Death
Poison Rose
Police Confidential
Police Story
Police Story 2013
Police Woman
Pom Pom
Pom Pom And Hot Hot
Pom Pom Strikes Back!
Porky's Meatballs
Possessed (1983)
Possessed (1994)
Possessed II
Postman Fights Back, The
Postmen In The Mountains
Power Connection
Power Of Love
Pretty Ghost
Pretty Ghostress Story, The
Pretty Woman
Prince Of Temple St.
Prince Of The Sun
Princess Fragrance
Princess Madam
Prison On Fire
Prison On Fire II
Private Eye Blues, The
Private Eyes, The
Prodigal Boxer, The
Professionals, T.H.E.
Project S
Prosperous Of Family
Protectors, The
Protectors Of Universe
Proud And Confident
Punch To Revenge, A
Purple Darts
Pursuit (1972)
Pursuit (1980)
Pursuit Of A Killer
Pursuit Of Vengeance
Cala, My Dog!
Call Girl 92
Call Me Dragon
Call Of Heroes
Candlelight's Woman
Cannibals, The
Cantonen Iron Kung Fu
Can't Stop The War
Carry On Dancing
Carry On Hotel
Carry On Pickpocket
Carry On Yakuzas
Carry On Wise Guy
Case Of The Cold Fish, The
Cash On Delivery
Casino, The
Casino Raiders
Casino Raiders II
Casino Tycoon
Casino Tycoon II
Cat Vs Rat
Cause We Are So Young
Challenge Of The Gamesters
Challenge Of The Masters
Challenge Of The Tiger
Challenger, The
Challenge To Devil Area
Champion, The
Champion Operation
Champions, The
Changing Partner
Chaos By Design
Charlie's Bubble
Chase, The
Chase A Fortune
Chase Step By Step
Chasing Girls
Cheap Killers
Cheaters, The
Cheeky Chap, The
Cheetah On Fire
Chicken A La Queen
Chicken And Duck Talk
China Dolls
China Dragon
China Strike Force
China White
Chinese Box
Chinese Boxer, The
Chinese Cop Out
Chinese Feast, The
Chinese Ghost Story, A
Chinese Ghost Story The Tsui Hark Animation, A
Chinese Godfather
Chinese Heroes
Chinese Legend, A
Chinese Odyssey Part One - Pandora's Box, A
Chinese Odyssey Part Two - Cinderella, A
Chinese Odyssey 2002
Chinese Tall Story, A
Chinese Torture Chamber Story, A
Chivalry Deadly Feud
Chivalry, The Gunman And Killer, The
Choi Lee Fat Kung Fu
Christ Of Nanjing, The
City Cop
Chu Liu Hsiang And Hu Tieh Hua
City Cops
City Hero
City Kids
City Ninja
City Of Life And Death
City War
City Warriors
Clan Of The White Lotus
Clash Of The Professionals
Clones Of Bruce Lee, The
Close Encounter Of The Vampire, The
Close Escape
Cloud Of Romance
Club, The
Cobra Vs. Ninja
Code Name Flash
Coldest Winter In Peking, The
Combat At Heaven Gate
Combo Cops
Come Drink With Me
Come Fly The Dragon
Come From China
Come Haunt With Me
Come On Girls
Comet Strikes, The
Condemned, The
Contract, The
Cop Busters
Cop Image
Cops And Robbers
Corpse Mania
Corruptor, The
Couples, Couples, Couples
Crazy Blood
Crazy Couple
Crazy Guy With Super Kung-Fu
Crazy Love
Crazy Love For You
Crazy Nuts
Crazy Partner
Crazy Romance
Crazy Safari
Cream, Soda & Milk
Criminal Hunter, The
Criminals, The
The Criminals 2 - Homicides
The Criminals 3 - Arson
The Criminals 4 - Assault
Criminals 5 - The Teenager's Nightmare, The
Crimson Street
Crippled Avengers
Crippled Master, The
Cross The River
Crucifixion, The
Crystal Fortune Run
Crystal Hunt
Cub Tiger From Kwantung, The
Cupid One
Curse Of Evil
Cyprus Tigers, The
Queen Bee, The (1973)
Queen Boxer, The
Queen Of Fist
Queen Of Gamble
Queen Of Temple Street
Queen Of Under World
Queen's Bench III
Queen's High
Queen's Ransom, A
Queer Story, A
Daddy, Father & Papa
Dance Of Death
Dance Of The Drunk Mantis
Dances With Dragon
Dances With Snakes
Dancing Lion
Dancing Warrior
Dangerous Encounter - 1st Kind
Dangerous Person
Danny The Dog
Daredevils, The
Dark Day Express
Dark Lady Of Kung Fu
Dark Semester
Dark Side Of Chinatown
Dark Street Gigolo
Date In Portland Street
Days Of Being Dumb, The
Days Of Tomorrow
Day That Doesn't Exist, The
Day The Sun Turned Cold, The
Day Without Policeman, A
Daze Raper
Dead And The Deadly, The
Dead Curse
Dead End
Deadend Of Besiegers
Deadful Melody
Deadly Angels
Deadly Camp, The
Deadly Deal
Deadly Dream Women
Deadly Duo, The
Deadly Roulette
Deadly Secret, A
Deadly Silver Spear
Deadly Strike (1978, *1)
Deadly Strike (1978, *2)
Deadly Target
Dead Rendezvous
Dead Target
Deaf And Mute Heroine
Dear Murderer
Death Curse, The
Death Duel
Death Duel Of Kung Fu
Death Games, The
Death On The Docks
Death Ring
Defenders Of Space
Delightful Forest, The
Delinquent, The
Demoness From Thousand Years
Demon's Baby, The
Desperados, The
Desperate Chase, The
Desperate Desperados
Detective Chinatown
Detective Dee And The Mystery of The Phantom Flame
Devil And Angel
Devil Cat
Devil Fetus
Devil Hunters
Devil Of Rape
Devil Sorcery
Devil's Box
Devil's Love
Devil's Mirror, The
Devil's Treasure
Devil's Vindata
Devil's Woman
Diamond Hill
Diary Of A Serial Killer
Dirty Ho
Dirty Trick
Discharged, The
Disciples Of Shao Lin
Disciples Of Shaolin Temple
Disciples Of The 36th Chamber
Disco Sex Fever
Doctor's Heart
Doctor Vampire
Don't Cry, Nanking
Don't Fool Me
Don't Give A Damn
Don't Kill Me, Brother
Don't Shoot Me, I'm Just a Violinist!
Dot 2 Dot
Double Fattiness
Doubles Cause Troubles
Double Vision
Downtown Torpedoes
Dragon And Tiger Kids, The
Dragon Blood
Dragon Bruce Lee Part II
Dragon Chronicles - The Maidens, The
Dragon Family, The
Dragon Fighter, The
Dragon Fist
Dragon Force
Dragon Force Operation
Dragon From Russia, The
Dragon Inn (1967)
Dragon Inn (1992)
Dragon Killer, The
Dragon Lives Again, The
Dragon Lord
Dragon's Claws
Dragon Tamers, The
Dragon The Master
Dream Home
Dreaming The Reality
Dream Killer, The
Dream Lover
Dream Of Desire
Dreams Of Glory, A Boxer's Story
Dream Sword, The
Dressed Off For Life
Dr. Mack
Drug Addicts, The
Drugs Area
Drugs Fighters
Drunken Master
Drunken Master III
Drunken Tai Chi
Duel, The (1971)
Duel, The (2000)
Duel For Gold
Duel Of Fists
Duel Of Karate
Duel Of The Seven Tigers
Duel To The Death
Duel With The Devil
Duel With The Devils
Dummy Mommy, Without A Baby
Durian Durian
Dust Of Angels
Dynamite Girls
Dynamite Trio, The
Rage Of The Ninja
Raging Angels
Raid, The
Raiders Of Galaxy
Raiders Of The Shaolin Temple
Raid On Royal Casino Marine
Railroad Tigers
Raining In The Mountain
Raining Night's Killer
Rape And Die
Raped By An Angel
Raped By An Angel 2: The Uniform Fan
Raped By An Angel 3: Sexual Fantasy Of The Chief Executive
Raped By An Angel 4: The Rapist's Union
Raped By An Angel 5: The Final Judgement
Raping Murderer, The
Rapist, The
Rapist Beckons, The
Rascal's Tale, A
Real Me, The
Rebel From China
Rebel Of Shaolin
Red Firecracker, Green Firecracker
Red Lips
Red Panther, The
Red Phoenix, The
Red Sorghum
Red-Wolf, The
Red Zone
Reign Behind A Curtain
Remains Of A Woman
Remember Me Remember E
Replacement Killers, The
Return Of Pom Pom, The
Return Of The Chinese Boxer
Return Of The Demon
Return Of The Evil Fox
Return Of The Kung Fu Dragon
Return Of The One-Armed Swordsman
Return Of The Tiger
Return To A Better Tomorrow
Return To Action
Return To The 36th Chamber
Revenge Ghost Of The Tree, The
Revenge Of Angel, The
Revenge Of The Corpse
Revenge Of The Shaolin Master
Rhythm Of Destiny
Rich And Famous
Rich Man
Rider Of Revenge
Riding Alone For Thousands Of Miles
Right Here Waiting...
Rigor Mortis
Ringing Sword, The
Ring Of Death, The
Rivals Of The Silver Fox
River Of Fury
Road Home, The
Road Warriors
Roar Of The Vietnamese, The
Rock Kids
Rock N'Roll Cop
Rock On Fire
Romance Of Book & Sword, The
Romance Of The Vampires, The
Romance Of The West Chamber
Romancing Star, The
Romancing Star 2 , The
Romantic Dream
Roof With A View, A
Rose (1986)
Rose (1992)
Roving Swordsman, The
Royal Destiny
Royal Scoundrel, The
Royal Tramp
Royal Tramp II
Royal Warriors
Rules Of The Game, The
Rumble In The Bronx
Runaway Blues
Run Don't Walk
Running Mate
Eagle's Claw
Eagle's Killer, The
East Is Red, The
East Palace, West Palace
Easy Money (1987)
Eat Drink Man Woman
Edge Of Darkness
Edge Of Fury
Eight Diagram Pole Fighter, The
Eight Dragon Swords, The
Eighth Happiness
Eight Hundred Heroes
Eight Immortals, The
Elixir Of Love
Emmanuelle In Hong Kong
Empire Of The Spiritual Ninja
Enchanting Shadow, The
Encounter Of The Spooky Kind
Encounter Of The Spooky Kind II
End Of The Road
Enemy Shadow
Energetic 21
Enigma Of Love, The
Enigmatic Case, The
Enter The Eagles
Enter The Fat Dragon
Enter The Game Of Death
Enter The Phoenix
Era Of Vampires, The
Erotic Ghost Story
Erotic Ghost Story II
Erotic Ghost Story III
Errant Love
Escape From Coral Cove
Escape From Hong Kong Island
Esprit D'amour
Eternal Evil Of Asia, The
Eunuch Of The Western Palace
Evening Liason
Even Mountains Meet
Everlasting Glory, The
Evil Instinct
Evil Seducers
Excape From Kingdom
Executioners From Shaolin
Execution In Autumn
Executor, The
Exorcist Master
Explosive City
Extreme Challenge
Eye For An Eye, An

Saga Of The Phoenix
Saint Of Gamblers, The
Sam The Iron Bride - Champion Of Martial Arts
Satanic Crystals
Satan Returns
Satin Steel
Savage Five, The
Saving Mr. Wu
Savior Of The Earth
Saviour Monk, The
Saviour Of The Soul II
Scared Stiff
Scarred Memory
Scheming Wonders
School On Fire
Screaming Tiger
Seaman No. 7
Secret Lover
Secret Ninja, Roaring Tiger
Secret Of Chinese Kung Fu
Secret Of The Chinese Poles, The
Secret Police
Secret Rivals, The
Secret Shaolin Kung-Fu, The
Security, The
Security Unlimited
Seeding Of A Ghost
September Song, The
A Serious Shock! Yes, Madam!
Serpent Warriors
Servants, The
Set Me Free!
Setting Sun, The
Seven Angels, The
Seven Coffins. The
Seven Men Of Kung-Fu
Seventh Curse, The
Seven Warriors
Seven Years Itch
Sex & Zen II
Sex & Zen III
Sex For Sale
Sex Medusa
Sexy Story
Shadow Boxer, The
Shadow Boxing, The
Shadow Cop
Shadow Whip, The
Shanghai 1920
Shanghai Blues
Shanghai Grand
Shanghai Heroic Story
Shanghai Massacre
Shanghai Shanghai
Shanghai Thirteen, The
Shaolin And Taichi
Shaolin Avengers, The
Shaolin Boxers
Shaolin Brothers, The
Shaolin Chastity Kung Fu
Shaolin Disciple
Shaolin Drunkard
Shaolin Drunken Monk
Shaolin Ex-Monk
Shaolin Hand Lock
Shaolin Heroes, The
Shaolin Kids, The
Shaolin Kung-Fu Mystagogue
Shaolin Mantis
Shaolin Popey
Shaolin Popey II - Messy Temple
Shaolin Prince
Shaolin's Magnificent Disciples
Shaolin Temple (1976)
Shaolin Temple, The (1982)
Shaolin Temple Against Lama
Shaolin Vs Evil Dead
Shaolin Vs Evil Dead - Ultimate Power
Shaolin Vs Lama
Shaolin Vs. Ninja
Shaolin Wooden Men
She'd Hate Rather Love
She Starts The Fire
Shock Wave
Shogun And Little Kitchen
Shootout, The
Shoot To Kill
Showdown At The Cotton Mill
Shy Spirit
Silent Love
Silver Maid
Silver Hawk
Silver Knife, Scarlet Blade
Simply Actors
Singing Escort, The
Singing Killer, The
Singing Thief, The
Sino-Dutch War 1661
Sister Cupid
Sisters In Law
Sisters Of The World Unite
Six Assassins
Six Devil Women
Six Directions Boxing, The
Skyhawk, The
Sky On Fire
Sky Risk Commandos
Slaughter In Xian
Sleazy Dizzy
Sleepless Town, The
Slickers Vs Killers
Smart Cavalier, The
Snake And Crane Arts Of Shaolin
Snake-Crane Secret
Snake Deadly Act
Snake In The Eagle's Shadow
Snake In The Monkey's Shadow
Snake Prince, The
Snake Shadow, Lama Fist
Snake Strikes Back, The
Sniping, The
So Close
Solar Adventure
Somebody Up There Likes Me
Son Of Dragon, The
Son Of The Swordsman
Souls Of The Sword, The
South Shaolin Master, The
South Shaolin Master Part II, The
So Young
Space Thunder Kids
Space Transformer
Spider Woman
Spirit Love
Spirit Of The Dragon, The
Spirit Of The Raped
Spiritual Boxer, The
Spiritual Trinity
Spiritually A Cop
Split Of The Spirit
Spooky Bunch, The
Spooky Family, The
Spooky Kookies
Spooky, Spooky
Spring Festival, The
Spring In A Small Town
Stage Door Johnny
Starry Is The Night
Step Into The Dark
Stewardess, The
Sting, The
Stolen Love
Stone Age Warriors, The
Stooges In Hong Kong
Storm Riders, The
Stormy Sun
Story Of Drunken Master, The
Story Of Kennedy Town
Story Of Movie, The
Story Of My Son, The
Story Of Pei-Li, The
Story Of Qiu Ju, The
Story Of Ricky
Story Of The Dragon, The
Story Of The Gun, The
Story Of Wong Fei Hung (Part 1), The
Strange Bedfellow
Stranger In Hong Kong
Street Angels
Street Car Named Desire, The
Stud And The Nympho, The
Suburb Murder
Summer Snow
Sun Dragon
Sun Has Ears, The
Sun Valley
Super Citizen
Supergang, The
Super Lady Cop
Supermen Against The Orient
Super Models
Supernormal, The
Supernormal II, The
Supreme Sword
Survival Of A Dragon
Sweet And Sour Cops, The
Sweet Peach
Sweet Surrender
Sword, The (1971)
Sword, The (1980)
Sword And The Lute, The
Sword Master
Sword Named Revenge, A
Sword Of Justice, The
Sword Of Many Loves, The
Sword Of Swords, The
Swordsman 2
Swordsman Of All Swordsmen, The
Sworn Brothers

Face Behind The Mask, The
Fairy, Ghost, Vixen
Faithfully Yours
Falcon, The
Family Affair, A
Family Affairs
Family Honor
Famous Swordsman
Fangs Of The Cobra
Fantasy Of Deer Warrior, The
Fantasy Romance
Farewell My Dearest
Fastest Sword, The
Fast Fists, The
Fatal Chase
Fatal Encounter
Fatal Flying Guillotines, The
Fatal Glory, The
Fatal Mission
Fatal Needles Vs. Fatal Fists
Fatal Termination
Fatal Vacation
Fate Of Lee Khan, The
Father With His-Five Children, A
Fearful Interlude
Fearless Dragons
Fearless Duo, The
Fearless Hyena
Fearless Hyena II
Feel 100%
Feng Shen Bang
Fiery Family, A
Fight Among The Supers
Fight Back To School
Fight Back To School II
Fight Back To School III
Fighting Fist
Fighting Fists Of Shanghai Joe, The
Fighting Fool, The
Fight To Survive
Filthy Guy
Final Justice (1988)
Final Option, The
Final Run
Final Target
Final Test, The
Final Victory
Fingers On The Trigger
Fire Bulls
Fire Dragon (1983)
Fire Dragon (1994)
Fire Phoenix
First Love: The Litter On The Breeze
First Option
First Shot
First Strike
First Vampire In China, The
Fist Of Fury 1991
Fist Of Fury 1991 II
Fist Of Unicorn
Fists And Guts
Fists Of Bruce Lee
Fist To Fist
Five Friends Of Tai Po's
Five Girls And A Rope
Five Shaolin Masters
Five Superfighters
Five Venoms, The
Flash Future Kung Fu
Flirting In The Air
Flirtong Scholar
Floating City
Flock, The
Flowers Of War, The
Flying Dagger, The (1969)
Flying Dagger (1993)
Flying Guillotine, The
Flying Guillotine 2
Flying Killer, The
Fly Me To Polaris
Foliage, The
Follow The Star
Fong Sai Yuk
Fong Sai Yuk II
Fooling Around Jiang Hu
Forbidden Arsenal
Forbidden City Cop
Forever Friends
Foreigner, The
Fortune Chasers
For Your Heart Only
Four Dragons
Four Invincible, The
Four Loves
Four Riders
Four Robbers
Fox Hunter
Fox Legend
Fractured Follies
Freedom Run Q
Friend From Inner Space, A
Friendly Shock
From Riches To Rags
From The Highway
From The Same Family
From Vegas To Macau
From Zero To Hero
Front Page
Full Contact
Full Strike
Funeral March
Funny Business
Funny Ghost
Funny Vampire
Fun, The Luck And The Tycoon, The
Furious Slaughter
Fury Of A Tiger
Fury Of King Boxer
Future Cops

Tactical Unit - Comrades In Arms
Tactical Unit - Human Nature
Tactical Unit - No Way Out
Tactical Unit - Partners
Tai-Chi Master, The
Tai Chi Warriors
Take Five
Takes Two To Mingle
Tale From The East, A
Tale Of The Sacred Mountain, A
Talk To Me, Dicky
Tantana, The
Taoism Drunkard
Taste Of Killing And Romance, A
Tattooed Dragon, The
Taxi Hunter
Teaching Sucks!!
Techno Warriors
Temple Of The Red Lotus
Temptress Of A Thousand Faces
Ten Brothers
Ten Brothers Of Shaolin
Ten Tigers Of Kwangtung
A Terra-Cotta Warrior
Thanks For Your Love
Thank You Sir
Thatched Memories
That's Money
Theft Under The Sun
They Came To Rob Hong Kong
They Don't Care About Us
Third Bridge, The
Third Full Moon, The
Thirty Million Rush, The
This Man Is Dangerous
This Thing Called Love
Those Merry Souls
Those Were The Days (2000)
Thou Shall Not Kill...But Once
Thou Shalt Not Swear
Three (2016)
Three Against The World
Three Stooges Go Undercover
Thunderbolt (1973)
Thunderbolt (1995)
Thunderbolt Fist, The
Thunder Cops II
Thundering Mantis, The
Thunder Prince
Thunder Run
Tian Di
Tiger Angels
Tiger And Crane Fists
Tiger Cage
Tiger Cage 2
Tiger Force
Tiger Jungle
Tiger Love
Tiger Of Northland
Tiger On Beat
Tiger On The Beat 2
Tiger Vs Dragon
Till Death Do Us Laugh
Till Death Do We Scare
Time And Tide
To Be Number One
To Catch A Thief
Today's Hero
To Hell With The Devil
To Kill A Mastermind
To Kill With Intrigue
To Live
To Live And Die In Tsimshatsui
To Love Ferrari
Tom, Dick & Hairy
Tongs A Chinatown Story
Top Banana Club
Top Bet, The
Top Lady Of Sword, The
Top Mission
Touch, The
Touch And Go
Touch Of Evil, A
Touch Of Zen, A
Tough Guy
Tournament, The
Traces Of A Dragon - Jackie Chan & Hist Lost Family
Tracing Shadow
Tragic Fantasy - Tiger of Wanchai, The
Tragic Hero
Trail, The
Trail Of The Broken Blade, The
Train Robbers
Traitorous, The
Treasure Hunt
Treasure Trap, The
Triad Story
Triangular Duel
Tricky Brains
Trilogy Of Lust
Trilogy Of Lust II
Troubles Couples
Troublesome Night
Troublesome Night 3
Troublesome Night 4
Troublesome Night 6
Truant Hero
True Hero, The
Truth About Jane & Sam, The
Turning Point, The
Twelve Deadly Coins
Twenty Something
Twilight Of The Forbidden City, The
Twilight Siren, The
Twin Dragons, The
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Twins Effect, The
Twin Swords, The
Twist, The
Two Cavalier, The
Two Crippled Heroes
Two Girl's Faced
Two Jolly Cops, The
Two Toothless Tigers
Two Wondrous Tigers

Gambling Ghost, The
Gambling Soul
Games Gamblers Play
Game They Called Sex, The
Gangland Odyssey (1988)
Gangland Odyssey (1990)
Gangs '92
Gangster Payday
General Stone
Generation Gap, The
Gen-X Cops
Ghost Eyes
Ghost Fever
Ghost For Sales
Ghost In Me
Ghost Killer
Ghost Lantern
Ghost Legend
Ghost Lovers, The
Ghostly Face, The
Ghostly Love
Ghostly Vixen
Ghost Of The Fox
Ghost Of The Mirror
Ghosts Galore
Ghost House - A True Story
Ghost Punting
Ghost Snatchers, The
Ghoul Sex Squad
Gift From Heaven
Gigoli Revelation, The
Gigolo And Whore II
Gigolo Of Chinese Hollywood
Girl Fighter, A
Girls From China, The
Girls Gang
Girls In The Hood
Girls Of The Night
Girls Without Tomorrow 1992
Girl With A Gun
Give & Take...Oh Shit!
Give Me Back
Gleam Of Hope, A
Glory Of The Sunset, The
Godfather From Canton
Godfather's Daughter Mafia Blues, The
Godfathers Of Fury
God Of Gamblers II
God of Gamblers Part III: Back To Shanghai
God Of Gamblers 3 - The Early Stage
God Of War
Gods Must Be Funny In China, The
Gold Connection, The
Golden Corps From China, The
Golden Lion, The
Golden Lotus
Golden Ninja Invasion
Golden Swallow (1968)
Golden Swallow (1987)
Golden Triangle, The
Gold-Hunters, The
Gold Raiders
Gold Snatchers
Gone With The Cloud
Good, The Bad & The Bandit, The
Good, The Bad & The Beauty, The
Goodbye Captain
Goodbye Darling
Goodbye Hero
Goodbye Mr. Cool
Goodbye My Friend
Goodbye My Love
Goofy Gang, The
Greatest Civil War On Earth, The
Greatest Lover, The
Greatest Plot, The
Greatest Thai Boxing, The
Greatest Wedding On Earth, The
Great General
Great Hunter, The
Great Pretenders, The
Great Shanghai 1937
Great Wall, The
Green Hornet, The
Green Jade Statuette, The
Green Snake
Green Tea
Guardian Angel
Guards Of Shaolin
Guests In The House
Gun Is Law
Guns Of Dragon
Guys In Ghost's Hand
Ultimate Revenge
Ultimate Vampire, The
Umbrella Story, The
Underground Express
Underground Warfare
Under The Rose
Unforgettable Fantasy
Ungrateful Tink
United We Stand
Unmatchable Match, The
Untold Story 2, The
Untold Story III, The
Usurpers Of Emperor's Power
U.S. Catman - Lethal Track
U.S. Catman 2 - Boxer Blow
Hail The Judge
Half A Loaf Of Kung Fu!
Hand Cuffs
Handsome Siblings
Hap Ki Do
Happy Bigamist
Happy Din Don
Happy Ghost, The
Happy Ghost II
Happy Ghost III
Happy Ghost IV
Happy Hour
Happy Together (1991)
Hard As A Dragon
Hard Touching
Hard To Kill
Haunted Cop Shop II, The
Haunted Madam, The
Haunted Tales
Have Sword, Will Travel
Head Hunter, The
He Ain't Heavy, He's My Father!
He & She
Heartbeat 100
Heart Of Killer
Heart To Hearts
Hearty Response, A
Heaven Can Help
Heaven Can't Wait
Heavenly Spell
Heaven Sword And Dragon Sabre
Heaven Sword And Dragon Sabre 2
He-Born To Kill
He Has Nothing But Kung Fu
He Is My Enemy, Partner And Father-In-Law
Hellfire Angel, The
Hell Has No Boundary
Hello Late Homecomers
Hello! Who Is It?
Here Comes A Vampire
Her Fatal Ways
Her Fatal Ways II
Her Fatal Ways III
Her Fatal Ways IV
Her Name Is Cat
Hero (1997)
Hero (2002)
Hero, The
Hero - Beyond The Boundary Of Time
Hero Dream
Heroes Among Heroes
Heroes From Shaolin
Heroes Of The East
Heroes Of The Eastern Skies
Heroes Two
Hero Of Tomorrow
Heroic Brothers
Heroic Duo
Heroic Ones, The
Heroic Trio, The
Heroine Susan, The Sister Of The Shantung Boxer
Her Vengeance
He's A Woman, She's A Man
He Who Chases After The Wind
Hidden Desire
Hidden Hero
Hidden Passion
High Risk
High Sky Mission
High Voltage
Hired Guns
His Name Is Nobody
Hitman In The Hand Of Buddha
Hit Team
Holy Flame Of The Martial World
Holy Robe Of The Shaolin Temple
Holy Virgin Vs. The Evil Dead, The
Holy Weapon
Home Too Far, A
Honeymoon In Jakarta
Hong Kong Adam's Family
Hong Kong Connection, The
Hong Kong Eva
Hong Kong Godfather (1985)
Hong Kong Godfather (1991)
Hong Kong Nocturne
Hong Kong Superman
Honor & Glory
Horrible High Heels
Horse Thief, The
Host For A Ghost
Hot Blood
Hot, The Cool And The Vicious, The
House Of 72 Tenants, The
House Of Flying Daggers
How Deep Is Your Love
How To Meet The Lucky Stars
Human Lanterns
Human Pork Chop
Hunting Evil Spirit
Hurricane, The

Valiant Ones, The
Vampire Buster
Vampire Combat, The
Vampire Kids
Vampire Partner, The
Vampire Settle On Police-Camp
Vampire Vs Vampire
Vampire's Breakfast
Vengeance! (1970)
Vengeance (2009)
Vengeance Is Mine
Vengeance Of The Phoenix Sisters
Vengeful Beauty, The
Venturer, The
Vice Squad 633
Victim, The
Villains, The
Virgins Of The Seven Seas
Visa To Hell

I Do!
If I Were For Real
If U Care...
I Love Maria
I Love Miss Fox
Immigrant Policeman
Imp, The (1981)
Imp, The (1996)
Imperial Sword
Imperial Sword, Crouching Devil
Impossible Woman
I'm Your Birthday Cake
In Between
In Between Loves
Incorruptible, The
Incredible Kung Fu Mission
Incredible Shaolin Thunderkick
Indecent Beast
Infatuation (1995)
Infernal Affairs III
Infernal Street
Informer, The
In Hell
Innocent Interloper, The
Inside Track, The
Inspector Pink Dragon
Inspectors Wears Skirts, The
Inspectors Wears Skirts Part II, The
Inspector Wears Skirts IV
Instant Rage
Intellectual Trio, The
In The Blood
In The Heat Of Summer
In The Line Of Duty 4
In The Mood For Love
Into The Fire
Intrigue In Nylons
Invincible, The
Invincible Constable, The
Invincible Fist, The
Invincible Obsessed Fighter
Invincible Shaolin
Invincible Super Guy, The
Invincible Sword, The
Invisible Terrorist, The
Ip Man
Ip Man: The Final Fight
Iron Bodyguard
Iron Buddha, The
Iron Fisted Eagle's Claw
Iron Mistress
Iron Monkey, The (1977)
Iron Monkey (1993)
Iron Ox, The Tiger's Killer
Ironside 426
Iron Superman, The
Island, The
Itchy Fingers
It's A Drink! It's A Bomb!
It's A Mad, Mad, Mad World
It's A Mad, Mad, Mad World II
It's A Mad, Mad, Mad World III
I Wanna Be Your Man!!!
I Want To Go On Living
I Will Finally Knock You Down, Dad!
I Will Wait For You
Wai's Romance
Walking Beside Me
Wandering Swordsman, The
War City 2: Red Heat Conspiracy
War City 5: Law Of Honour
War Of The Shaolin Temple
Warrior's Tragedy, A
Warriors Two
Water Margin, The
Way We Dance, The
Web Of Death
Web Of Deception (1997)
Wedding Bells, Wedding Bells
Wells Up In My Heart
We're Going To Eat You
Wesley's Mysterious File, The
Whampoa Blues
What A Wonderful World
Whatever You Want
What Price Honesty
What Price Survival
Wheels On Meals
When East Goes West
When I Look Upon The Stars
When Taekwondo Strikes
When Tat Fu Was Young
Where's Officer Tuba?
Whirl-Wind Knight, The
White Lotus Cult
Whore & Policewoman
Who's Killer
Who's The Woman, Who's The Man
Why Wild Girls
Wicked City, The
Widow Warriors
Wild City
Wild Girls, The
Wild Goosechase, The
Wild Goose On The Wing, The
Wild Panther
Wild Search
Wild Wild Rose, The
Will Of Iron
Wind Beneath The Wings
Windows Of The Mind, The
Winners And Sinners
Winner Takes All!
Win Them All
Witchcraft Vs Curse
Witch From Nepal
With Or Without You
Without A Promised Land
Wits To Wits
Wizard's Curse
Wolf Of Revenge
Wolf Warrior II
Women's Prison
Wonderful Killer
Wonder Mama
Working Class
World Of Drunken Master, The
Wrath Of The Sword
Wrong Couples, The
Wuinu (Dancing Bull)
Jackie And Bruce To The Rescue
Jade Dagger Ninja
Jade Raksha, The
Jaguar Force Thunderbolt
Jail House Eros
Jail In Burning Island, The
Jail Of No Return, The
Jiang Hu
Jin Pin Mei
Job Hunter
John Rabe
Journalist Story
Journey To The West
Journey To The West: Conquering The Demons
Joy To The World
Judgement Of An Assassin
July 13th
Jumping Ash
Just Another Margin
Just For Fun
Just Heroes
Justice, My Foot!
Just Like Weather
Just Love
X'Mas Rave Fever

Karmic Mahjong
Kekexili: Mountain Patrol
Kickboxer's Tears
Kickboxer The Champion
Kid From Tibet, A
Kidnap In Rome
Kidnap Of Wong Chak Fei
Kids From Shaolin
Kids With A Tattoo, The
Killer, The (1972)
Killer, The (1989)
Killer Angels
Killer Has No Return, The
Killer In White, The
Killer Meteors, The
Killer Of Snake, Fox Of Shaolin
Killer Snakes, The
Killer's Blues, A
Killers Five
Killer's Love, The
Killers Must Die
Killer's Nocturne
Killers On Wheels
Killer's Romance
Killing In The Nude
Killing Me Tenderly
Killer Order, A
Kingdom And The Beauty, The
King Drummer
King Eagle
King Of Beggars
King Of Chess
King Of Gambler
King Of Kings
King Of Robbery
King Of Stanley Market
King Of The Kickboxers, The
Kinmen Bombs, The
Kiss And Kill
Knight Errant
Knight Of Old Cathay, The
Knock Off
Korean Connection
Kung Fu Chefs
Kung Fu Cult Master
Kung Fu Emperor, The
Kung Fu Executioner
Kung Fu Fever, The
Kung Fu Genius
Kung Fu Jungle
Kung Fu Kid
Kung Fu Master Named Drunk Cat
Kung Fu Scholar, The
Kung Fu Vampire
Kung Fu Vs. Acrobatic
Kung Fu Zombie

Yellow Faced Tiger
Yellow Peril
Yellow Rain
Yellow River Fighter
Yellow Skin
Yes, Madam
Yes Madam 5
Yes, Sir!
Yeung Yuet Lau Story
Young And Dangerous
Young And Dangerous 2
Young And Dangerous 3
Young And Dangerous 4
Young And Dangerous V
Young And Dangerous: The Prequel
Young Avenger, The
Young Avengeress, The
Young Cops
Young Detective Dee: Rise Of The Sea Dragon
Young Dragons, The
Young Lovers On Flying Wheels
Young People
Young Policemen In Love
Young Rebel, The
Young Taoism Fighter, The
Young Tiger, The
You're My Destiny
Yuppie Fantasia, The
Yuppie Fantasia 3, The
Yu Pui Tsuen III
Laboratory Of The Devil
Lackey And The Lady Tiger
L.A. Connection
Ladies In Operations
Ladies Killer
Lady 9 Flower
Lady Came From The Hell, A
Lady Cop & Papa Crook
Lady Is The Boss, The
Lady Punisher, The
Lady Super Cop
Lady Whirlwind
Lady With A Sword
Lamb In Despair, A
Lamb Killer
Last Affair, The
Last Blood, The
Last Day Of Hsianyang, The
Last Duel, The
Last Ghost Standing
Last Hero In China
Last Judgement, The
Last Romance
Last Song In Paris
Last Strike
Laughing Time
Laughters Of "Water Margins"
Law Don
Law Enforcer, The
Law On The Brink
Law Or Justice?
Lee Rock
Legacy Of Rage
Legal Illegals, The
Legal Innocence
Legendary Couple
Legendary Strike, The
Legendary "Tai Fei", The
Legendary Weapons Of China
Legend Of An Erotic Movie Star, The
Legend Of A Fighter
Legend Of All Men Are Brothers
Legend Of The 7 Golden Vampires, The
Legend Of The Broken Sword, The
Legend Of The Brothers
Legend Of The Dragon
Legend Of The Liquid Sword
Legend Of The Mountain
Legend Of The Owl
Legend Of Wisely, The
Legend Of Wong Tai Sin
Legend Of Zu, The
Leg Fighters, The
Leopoard Hunting
Lethal Contact
Lethal Panther
Lethal Panther 2
Let's Have A Baby
Let's Make Laugh
Lewd Lizard
License To Steal
Life After Life
Life And Death
Life Is A Moment Story
Lifeline Express
Life Show
Lion Roars, The
Lion's Heart, The
Little Big Soldier
Little Cop
Little Drunken Masters, The
Little Godfather From Hong Kong
Little Hero
Little Heroes Lost In China
Little Hero Of Shaolin Temple, The
Little Hero On The Run
Little-Life Opera, A
Little Red Flowers
Little Sister In-Law
Liu Chai Ghost Story
Liu Jai (Home For The Intimate Ghosts)
Live Hard
Lizard, The
Lonely Fifteen
Long & Winding Road
Long Arm Of The Law Saga II
Long Chase, The
Long Hot Summer
Looking For Mister Perfect
Look Out, Officer!
Loot, The
Lord Of Hangzhou, The
Lost Boys In Wonderland
Lost Control
Lost Swordship, The
L - O - V - E ..... LOVE
Love & Sex Among The Ruins
Love And Sword
Love And The City
Love Chaser
Love, Guns & Glass
Love Eterne, The
Love In The River
Love In Sampan
Love In The Time Of Twilight
Love Is Love
Love Is Over
Love Massacre
Love Of Blueness, A
Love On Delivery
Love Recipe
Lover Of The Last Empress
Lover of The Swindler
Lovers, The
Lover's Tear
Lover's Tears
Love Soldier Of Fortune
Love Story, A
Love Unto Wastes
Love Will Tear Us Apart
Love Without End
Loving You
Lucky Diamond
Lucky Dragon
Lucky Encounter
Lucky Seven
Lucky Seven II
Lung Wei Village
Lust For Love Of A Chinese Courtesan
Zen Of Sword
Zombie Vs Ninja
Zu: Warriors From The Magic Mountain
Madam City Hunter
Madame Fung Shen's Lover
Madam The Great
Madam Q
Mad-Cold Blooded Murder, The
Made In China
Made In Hong Kong
Mad Mad 83
Mad Mad Ghost
Mad Monk, The
Mad Monkey Kung Fu
Mad Phoenix, The
Mad Stylist
Mad World Of Fools, A
Mafia Vs Ninja
Magic Amethyst
Magic Blade, The
Magic Cop
Magic Crane, The
Magic Crystal
Magic Sword, The
Magnificent, The
Magnificent Bodyguards
Magnificent Butcher, The
Magnificent Chivalry, The
Magnificent Scoundrels, The
Magnificent Trio, The
Magnificent Warriors
Magnum Thunderbolt
Mahjong Dragon
Mainland Dundee
Making Of Steel, The
Man Called Tiger, A
Man From Holland, A
Man From Hong Kong, The
Man Of The Times
Man On The Brink
Man Wanted
Marigolds, The
Mars Villa, The
Marshes Of Liang Shan Po, The
Martial Arts Master Wong Fei Hung
Martial Arts Of Shaolin
Martial Club
Martial Hero
Mask Heroine, The
Massacre Survivor, A
Master And The Kid, The
Master Killer
Master Of Kung Fu, The
Master Of Zen
Master With Cracked Fingers
Master Wong Vs Master Wong
Mating Season, The
Maximum Risk
May & August
McDull, Prince De La Bun
McDull, The Alumni
Meaning Of Life, The
Mean Streets Of Kung Fu
Megaforce From Highland
Melody Of Love, The (1969)
Melody Of Love (1977)
Memory Of The Youth
Mermaid Got Married
Merry Christmas
Messengers, The
Middle Man
Midnight After, The
Midnight Angel
Midnight Caller
Midnight Conjure
Midnight Girls
Midnight Revenge
Midnight Whispers
Mighty Gambler, The
Mighty Peking Man, The
Miles Apart
Millionaire Cop
Millionaires' Express, The
Mini-Skirt Gang
Miracle Fighters, The
Mismatched Couples
Miss Du Shi Niang
Missed Date, The
Missing Gun, The
Missing Man
Mission Inferno
Mission Kill
Mission Kiss And Kill
Mission Of Justice
Mission To Kill
Miss Magic
Misty Drizzle
Misty Moon, The
Modern Love, The
Moment Of Romance II, A
Moment Of Romance III, A
Money Crazy
Money Maker
Monkey Business
Monkey Fist
Monkey Goes West, The
Monkey King 2, The
Monkey Kung Fu (1979)
Monkey Kung Fu (1980)
Monk's Fight, The
Moon Night Cutter
Moon River
Moon, Stars & Sun
Moon Warriors
Most Wanted, The
Mother Of A Different Kind
Mother Vs. Mother
Mr. Boo Meets Pom Pom
Mr. Coconut
Mr. Handsome
Mr. Mumble
Mr. Possessed
Mr. Sardine
Mr. Smart
Mr. Sunshine
Mr. Vampire
Mr. Vampire II
Mr. Vampire III
Mr. Vampire Saga 4
Mr. Vampire 1992
Mr. Wai-Go
Mummy, Aged 19, The
Mummy Dearest
Musical Vampire, The
My Beloved
My Blade, My Life
My Cape Of Many Dreams
My Cousin, The Ghost
My Darling Genie
My Dear Son
My Father Is Hero
My Flying Wife
My Heart Is That Eternal Rose
My Heart Will Go On
My Heavenly Lover
My Life As McDull
My Life's On The Line
My Lucky Stars
My Name Called Bruce
My Neighbours Are Phantoms
My Rebellious Son
Mysterious Knight, The
Mystery Files
Mystery Of Chess Boxing
My Young Auntie
My Wife Is 18
My Will, I Will