The screencaptures in this gallery are taken from Panorama's release of Three: Going Home - Director's Cut. This versions adds about 4 minutes of new footage and a re-edit of a late sequence in the movie. Please let me know if there's any additions I've not included. Bear in mind that this gallery contains minor spoilers.

- The montage of photographs includes one added shot (also seen in full at the end of the director's cut):

- An addition where Cheung asks about the significance of the clock but Chan opts not to answer:

- Deleted scene where Cheung has trouble sleeping and fears going out in the hallway where the toilet is, having seen the little girl prior:

- Extended scene where Cheung offers to buy his dad a new clock when he grows up and Chan later corrects Cheung's way of eating. An added long shot then finishes the sequence:

- Cheung and the little girl in red play in this added scene:

- Extension to the sequence where Chan is looking for his son. He calls the police HQ and asks them to keep a look out. After climbing the stairs subsequently, we see signs of Chan's asthma.

- The scene in the photo studio plays out in full now as opposed to the original version that broke up the shots and adds the photographer asking Cheung if he wants his picture taken:

- Final scene of the film is now Cheung arriving home, putting a blanket over his father and finally goes to sleep, fearless: