Comparing the out of print Category III rated Megastar vcd of Nam Nai-Choi's Her Vengeance with the Cat IIb rated Deltamac vcd re-issue revealed something interesting. Deltamac have edited out almost all violence, gore and nudity but instead presents approximately 10 minutes of deleted, extended and alternate footage not on the Megastar vcd! The score has also been largely replaced but still contain a decent amount of the tension required. In all honesty, some scenes definitely feel like they might've belonged in the original cinema version but I can't confirm at this time what should be in and what shouldn't. (feel free to email me if you have any information). Below you can get a glimpse of what the Deltamac vcd offers in addition to a few alternate bits from the Megastar vcd. This stills gallery does contain spoilers.

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- The sequence leading up to the rape is extended to add more tension. Mainly we see Pauline Wong order a snack before she senses being followed:

- Wong picks up a lighter that was dropped on the ground during the rape:

- The doctor scene is longer now, including shots of Wong arriving and the doctor threatening to reveal her disease to everyone. A fight ensues before Wong storms out:

- The longest stretch of new footage starts with Pauline Wong first locating the address on the lighter only to find out it's a property for sale followed by a short scene where it turns out all hotels in Hong Kong are fully booked:

- Wong ends up shacking up with Kelvin Wong's character. His interest is photography is briefly shown and Nam Nai-Choi also makes us for a minute doubt his kindness only to quickly reveal Kelvin's character is a good guy:

- What follows is Wong looking for jobs to no avail and during a stop at a 7-Eleven, she think she's spotted one of the rapists. She follows him and therefore stumbles upon the San Francisco club:

- Inside the club, she smashes a bottle over the guy who turns up to be someone else entirely. Lam Ching Ying's character steps in to negotiate, meaning an earlier entrance for his character in this version:

- Cap of the scene sees Wong's character plea to Susan to give her a job at the club:

- On the Megastar vcd, the above long sequence is completely omitted and instead shows Wong taking a cab to the club, knowing where it's located based on directions. The character of Susan receives a different intro while Lam's character appears later in this version:

- Wong moves in with the Susan character and this bathroom scene shows some initial tension:

- On the Megastar vcd, the shot of the panties in the garbage bin are bloody while Deltamac features an alternate shot sans blood:

- After placing insence on the General Kwan altar, Lam walks in on Wong patching herself up after the acid attack. He tries to talk her out of her vengeance plan while she calls him on his weakness and loyalty in the matter:

- Extension where Lam teaches Wong which parts of the body to go for in a battle:

- The preparation scene contains a few longer shots where the setting of the traps receive more screentime. The Deltamac vcd shows this sequence without intercutting with the rooftop training like the Megastar does. Deltamac instead inserts that scene earlier:

- Wong cuts herself while preparing the fishhooks.: