The Taiwan edit of Tsui Hark's Once Upon A Time In China 2 runs approximately 10 minutes longer than the Hong Kong version. The actual new footage however doesn't amount to any more than a little over two minutes, spread over 3 scenes. The opening credits of the film in the Taiwan edit actually recaps part 1 with a shorter version of the fight between Wong Fei-Hung and Iron Robe Yim. The end credits also rolls several minutes longer but only plays scenes from the movie set to the Wong Fei-Hung theme (sung by Jackie Chan on the Mandarin dub). Below you'll find stills of the added footage to this version.

- The opening credits in this version that plays over the end fight of part 1. It also adds a disclaimer that is not present at the beginning of the Hong Kong edit:

- Deleted scene between Yee, Foon and Wong Fei-Hung. Yee doesn't want to drink the bitter medicine given to her by Wong. The attempt at fooling Wong that Yee has taken her cure of course fails:

- The subtitles make the scene hard to grasp but presumably Luke is disclosing his and Dr. Sun's plan for revolution. Wong Fei-Hung protests angrily since he thinks China doesn't need anymore turmoil:

- The scene that follows is Yee and Foon finding the children of the language school writing their last dying wills. Unexpectedly, Foon manages to rally them and that leads into him teaching martial arts to to the kids:


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