The screen captures were taken from the 94 minute Mandarin dubbed version. I didn't include all extended scenes because they only have extended dialogue but some of the same camera angles as the Cantonese 92 minute version. Be advised that this gallery contains crucial plot spoilers.

- These are shots available in both versions but the Mandarin edit cuts out the fact that Yuen Biao's character deliberately blows up the car with alive bad guys in it.


- Part of the extended dialogue scene with the family in the beginning. Intent of the scene is to show how the witness protection is creating tension in the family unit, except in the very young.

- A deleted sequence showing Yuen Biaos character getting ready to take out his first victim:

- A deleted scene where Cynthia Rothrock's character explains more clearly why she has to look through the parking tickets.:

- A deleted scene with Cynthia Rothrock and Melvin Wong right after the villa action scene. Making her plea to issue a warrant for the arrest of Yuen Biao's character, she can't convince the one in charge.

- A deleted scene with Fan Siu Wong and his mute grandfather:

- A look at some very different turn of events before Yuen Biao arrives at the hangar, where Cynthia Rothrock's character actually survives:

- The alternative ending: